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(1st marriage) Ashberry Carter, married Sahra Godwin march 15, 1908, their
children, Freeman, David, and Fronnie. Freeman Carter, married Ella
Locklear, their children, Vibian Faye, Leon, Bonnie Rae, Myrtle Rose,
Pandora, Sylvia Gale, and Cynthia Dale (twins), and Freeman Jr. Vivian
Faye Carter, married Carlie Locklear, their  children, Farlin, Billy, Sarah
Faye, Dale, and Carlie Jr. (1st marriage) Leon Carter, married Linda Bell,
their children, Adrian, Valarie, Jane, and Kim Dwayne. (2nd marriage) Leon
Carter, married Jackie Bell, their child, Shandie. Bonnie Faye Carter,
married Lloyd Smith, their children, Salina Faye, Lorria Ann, Amos Lee,
Jacob, and Kelly Diane. Myrtle Rose ï¿¿Carter, married Richard Locklear,
their children, Zonnie and Kimberly. Zonnie Locklear has a child named
Shanna Renee, Kimberly has a child named Kania Renne. Pandora Carter,
married Abner Chavis,their child, Jamie Lynn Carter. Sylvia Gale Carter,
married Augusta Dial, their children, Heath Lynn, Billie Joe, and Marcella
Glenn. Cynthia Dale Carter, maried Bennie Ray Chavis, their children,
Bendra Ray, and Clayton. Freeman Carter Jr.,married Caroll   ?   , their
child, Ginger Rose. Fronnie Carter, married Henry K. Chavis, their child,
Sadie. Sadie Chavis married John Pierce Bell, their child,Sharon.
(2nd marriage) Ahsberry Carter , married Lizzie Hammonds on November
24, 1918, their children, Dorothy, Ruthie, and Annie Mae (Died as children).
Dorothy Carter. married James Walter Hammonds, their children, Melby
Jane, Violet Rose, Elmer, Mary Patricia, James Walter Jr., and Shirley. (1st
narriage) Melby Jane Hammonds, married Aronald Yancheski, their
children, Joseph and Gloria. (2nd marriage) Melby Jane Hammonds,
married Ted Solomon, their children, Tommy and Donald. Violet Rose
Hammonds, married Garnett Kline, their children, Vicky, Kathy, Kenneth,
and Jimmy. Mary Patricia Hammonds, married Gearl Flowers, their
children, Jerry, Dedra Ann, Tommy Lynn, Danny Howard, Terry Denice,
Farris,and Stephanie. (1st marriage) James Walter Hammonds Jr., married
Vivian Oxendine, their chilodren, Jimmy, Sherrie, Danny, Timothy,and
Domanne. (2nd marriage) James Walter Hammonds Jr., married Rosa Beel
Locklear. Elmer Hammonds, married Cindy Fox, their child, Christy.
Malcom Carter son of William Nelson Carter, Married Sarah Eliza Carter,
daugther of David and Caroline Smith Carter, February 14, 1885, their
children, A.D., John, Martin G., Marilda, Judson, Sarah F., Dollie, Norah,
ann Jerry W. Malcom and Sarah Eliza Carter moved to Alabama and were
living in Covington County in 1900. Sometime after 1900 they moved to
Crenshaw County Alabama. They were listed in the census of 1910 as living  
in Crenshaw County Alabama. However, they appeared to move back and
forth between Covington and Crenshaw Counties in Alabama. It is interesting
to note that in the 1900 census Grady Locklears Grandfather, Alonzo Carter
was living with Sarah Eliza and Malcom Carter in Covington County
Alabama. Also showh as boarders were Robert Sanders, and Arthur Hardin.
To my knowledge none of their family ever returned to Robeson County NC.
to live
No attempt was made to trace all members of these families. How ever, most
descendents are located in Robeson County NC.                                              
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