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David Carter Died in April of 1892 without leaving a Will. Caroline Smith
Carter, the widow of David Carter, petitioned the court to set aside a portion
of the land as her dowery in the David Carter estate.     The final disposition
of the estate was settled on June 15, 1912. Records show that Caroline Smith
Carter was awarded 47 acres as her dowery.
The petition proved quite informative. It listed in addition to David Carter's
children, his grandchildren; Mary Susan Carter, Lula Carter, David Carter,
and Richard Carter, heirs of Floyd Carter, who was killed in Florida. Also
the children of Fannie Carter and Walter Wilkins, Louis Wilkins and
Governor Wilkins, whose mother Fannie was burned to death when her
clothes caught on fire while washing the family laundry in a wash pot outside.
May it be noted here that Fannie was buried on the Georgia side of The St.
John;s River and Floyd, her brother, was buried on the Florida side of The
St. John's River.
Records in the Register of Deeds Office was additional information about the
David Carter Family.
Records show that Isabella Carter and husband Cain Chavis sold their share
of the estate to Alonzo Carter on December 18, 1915. Also Sarah Eliza Carter
and husband Malcom Carter made the same agreement.
Noteworthy was the location of these two Families. Sarah Eliza Carter settled
in Covington County, Alabama and Isabella Carter and husband settled in
Santa Rosa County, Florida. No additional information have been found on
these two Families. Informants say they never returned to North Carolina.
Louis Wilkins was reputed to be a professional gambler. This information
was provided by Mr. D.H. Wilkins a nephew of Walter Wilkins. Louis Wilkins
died of consumpsion on September 12, 1919.
David Carter, married Caroline Smith on November 29, 1856, their children,
Margaret, Serenah, Nelson, Isabella, Alonzo, William H., Fannie, Floyd,
Sarah Eliza, Alvin, and Daniel.
Margaret Carter, married Miles Godwin on June 10, 1872, their children,
Josphine, Annie born April 18, 1875, Seymore, Jack, Golden, Johnnie,
Corette, Maggie, and Virginia.
Josphine Godwin, married James Haywood Smith on January 29,1890, their
children, Andrew, Allen, Rowland, James B., French, Sallie Jane, Mary
Caroline, Lula, Eliza, Gathie, and Jessie Belle.
(1st marriage)
Annie Godwin, married William H. Hammonds, their children,
Mary Liza, Vergie, Bertha born August 26, 1898,, Henry Poxton, Stella, Miles
Hartman born December 7, 1903, Fodie, George, James, Jessie Belle, (2nd
marriage) Vernie Mae, and Girlie.
Mary Eiza Hammonds, married Hector Blanks.
Vergie Hammonds , married James Burnette
Bertha Hammonds , married Hardy Jones, their children, John Willie,
Maggie, George Hardy born September 25, 1921, Robert born April 28, 1924,
Dorothy born March 1926, and Ervin born October 18, 1927.
George Hardy Jones, married Ila Oxendine, their child, Greg B. born
September 15, 1050.
Robert Jones, married Betty Sue Locklear, their children, Jerry born April 23,
1950, Warren Fredrick born August 2, 1952, Cynthia Avia born September 1,
1956, Paula Suzette born April 7, 1961, and Eric Scott.
Dorothy Jones, married James Carl Revels Jr., their children, Lora Gail born
August 11, 1949, Regina Ann born January 13, 1951, James Carl lll born
April 29, 1952, Herry Jeffrey born January 16, 1954, Joseph Anthony born
January 14, 1961,Jonathan Blake born January 14, 1967.
Ervin Jones, married Grace Harris, their children, James Ervin born
February 17, 1956, Jackie born October 19, 1957, Billy born February 27,
1959, and Bobby Dean born December 17, 1961.
Henry Poxton Hammonds, married Roseanna Bowen
Stella Hammonds, married Lester Bonnett
Miles Hartman Hammonds, married Eunice Hammonds, their
children,Douglas, Drois, Miles Judson, Ernestine, and Harty.
Ernestine Hammonds, married John L. Locklear Jr., their child, Sabrina.
Fodie Hammonds, unmarried
George Hammonds, married Betty  ?
James H. Hammonds, married Lena Locklear
Jessie Belle Hammonds, married John Henry Smith
Vernie Mae Hammonds, married Evander Chavis
Girlie Hammonds, married Steven Thompson
Sallie Jane Smith, married Bunion D. Chavis, their children, Magdlene,
Geroge, Gladys, and Jame
s Earl.
Magdlene Chavis, married Halmond Canady, their child, Olivia Jane.
George Chavis, married Jessie Mae Locklear, their children, Barbara Ann,
Carol, and Linda.
James Earl Chavis, married Clatie Emanuel, their child, Betty Joyce
Gladys Chavis, married John Locklear, their children, Betty Sue, John
Edward, Patsy Ann, Bobby Ray, and
Betty Sue Locklear, married Robert Jones, their children, Jerry, Warren
Fredrick, Cynthia Avie, Paula Suzette, and Eric Scott.
Jerry Jones, married Gloria Locklear, their child, Charles Robert.
Warren Fredrick Jones, married Marline Carter, their child, Chad Lee.
Gathie Smith, married Luther Covington Thomas, their children, Ira Lee,
Geneva, and Helen.
Ira Lee Thomas, married Harold Lowry, their children, Kenneth Ray, Sherry
Lynn, Pamela, and Orlean.
Hellen Thomas, married Joel Thomas, their children, Joel Keith, Beck, and
Shelia Kaye.
Geneva Thomas, married John D. Locklear, their children, Donald, Sandy,
Judith, Carol, Kathy, and Beniva.
Sarah Eliza Carter, daugther of David and Caroline Smith Carter, married
Malcom Carter, son of William Nelson Carter February 14, 1885. David and
William Nelson Carter were brothers, that means Sarah Eliza and Malcom
Carter were 1st cousins before marriage, their children, A.D., John, Martin
G., Marilda, Judson, Sarah F., Dollie, Norah, and Jerry W. Sarah Eliza and
Malcom Carter moved to Alabama and were living in Covington County in
1900. Sometime after 1900 they moved to Crenshaw County Alabama. They
were listed in the cenusu 1910 as living in Crenshaw County, Alabama.
However, they appeared to move back and forth between Covington County
and Crenshaw County, Alabama. It is interesting to note in the 1900 census
my Grandfather Alonzo Carter was living with Sarah Eliza and Malcom
Carter in Covington County Alabama. Also shown as a borders were Robert
Sanders and Arthur Hardin. To my knowledge none of this Family ever
returned to Robeson County to live.