Welcome to The Carter Family History page. As you know we are
Descendents of The Lumbee Indian as they are known today. On this page
you will learn a bit about your Family History. The information was
researched by Mr. Grady Locklear who is a member of The Carter Family.
The words in this Carter Family History are in his words as published in his
book, The Genealogy a Perspective, written February 1989. My name is
Mickey Carter and I have added some information, I'm trying to fill in some
of the gaps that were left out in Grady's book, and it has turned out to be a
chore. If you have any information that will help me fill in these gaps or any
questions  you can email me at
(admin@thecarterfamilytree.com) (subject
Carter Family).
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As you follow the children of Hardy H. Bell and Sarah Parker you will be
able to see that the majority of people in the Saddletree and surrounding area
can trace their roots to the Hardy H. Bell heritage. I will attempt to list the
early beggining of ancestory linkage to his family. The follwing are his
children and who they married and some of their children.

Hardy H. Bell, married Sarah Parker around 1820, their children, Elisa,
Harriet, Helen, Wiley, Amos, Nancy, Seymore.

Elisa Bell, married Nelson Smith December 12, 1836, their children Caroline,
Jane, James H., Sarah, Hardy, Evander, William, John W., Mary E.,
Thomas A., Patsy.

Harriet Bell, married Dolphine Hardin December 10, 1844, their children,
Robert, Condary, Sarah, Mary, Amos, Elisa, William, Hellen, Molly.
Condary Hardin, married Amaretta Hammonds, their children, Mosby,
Richard, William, Alberta, Carnest, Wesley,Doctor,Stella, Hattie J
Helen Bell, married William Santee April 2, 1853, their children, Lonza,
Lucy A., Mary J., Janie, Henry B., William J., Farme.

William Santee is an interesting story in itself. However, I do not have the
answer to the story, nor do I know why it happened. Never the less, Santee
changed his name serveral times over a period of time. He was married as
Kennedy Santee, then his name changed to William Santee. In 1885 he was
appointed as a district member of the Robeson County Board of Education,
and in 1887 he was reappointed under the name of
William Canady. From
that point on all his children used the name of Canady
In the census of 1900 he and his wife were still living. The only other
member of his family living with him at that time was a grandson, Willie
Caroline Smith, married David Carter November 29, 1856, their children,
Margaret, Serenah, Nelson, Isabella, Alonzo, William H. Fannie, Floyd,
Sarah Elisa, Alvin, Daniel.                                                                     
Wiley Bell, married Martha Ann Conner March 8, 1854, their children, John
J., Hardy H., Polly, Andrew.
John J. Bell, married Serenah Carter daugther of David Carter and Caroline
Smith Carter on August 14, 1879, their children, Sarah, Maggie, Martha,
Winnie, Ellia, Illa, Florie, Sam, Curt.
Hadry H. Bell, married Narcissus Hammonds March 21, 1878, their
children, William Ander, Warren Amos.
William Ander Bell, married Maggie Locklear October 10, 1899, their child,
Louise Bell, married Eutherd Locklear January 1, 1943, their child, Deanna
Deanna Locklear, married Alvin Ray Lowry in 1965, their children, Carla,

Warren Amos Bell, marriedCatherine Revels, their children, Melinda,
Rose,Arcttie, Duncan,Seymore, James Warren, Nancy, Mary Ellen.
James Warren Bell, married Crettie Ledwell, their children, Hattie Ruth,
Sally Mae, Edith Myrtle, Luther, Gary, Kathy Lee, James Paul, Lonnie,
Dorothy, James Percil.
Luther Bell, married Geraldine Spalding, their children, Craig, Sandra,
Bruce, Susan.
Nancy Bell, married Jonathan Revels November 11, 1843, their children,
William N., Eli, Wesley, Winnie E., Clarisy.
Seymore Bell, married Elisa Hammonds March 30, 1854, As far as can be
determined, their were no children
This is by no means a comprehensive list of the Bells and their ancestors.
However, it would not be a difficult task to trace each individual family

Florie Bell, married Loy Locklear on December 18, 1879, their children,
Marshall, Bracy, Eteska, J.Q., Willie Sanford, Johnnie Lee, Adlaide, Cecil
Marshall Locklear, married Gertrude Locklear, their children, Ronnie, Gary.
Ronnie Locklear, married Regina Carter, daugther of John Louis Carter,
their children, Berry, Monica.
Gary Locklear,married Molly Oxendine, their children, Brooke Coker,
Bracy Locklear, married Ruby Barker, their
children, Jackie Ray, Phyllis, Nicky Lester, Brian, Christopher.
Jackie Ray Locklear, married Pat Sampson, their children, Candace, John,
Phyllis Locklear, married Jimmy Lowery, their children, Ramona, Jayme,
Chadwick Loy.
Nicky Lester, married Janie Maynor,their children, Elisabeth Joy, Nicky
Brian Locklear, unmarried
Christopher Locklear, married Cheryl Ransom, their children, Nacy Paige,
Sarah Ransom, Christopher Marvin.
Eteske Locklear, Woodward Hunt, their children, Woodward, Constance,
Charles, Carol.
Woodward Hunt, married Nancy Weyant, their child, Benjamin Wyatt.
Constance Hunt, married Jack Cheatham,their children, Jessica, Jack.
Charles Hunt, married Leslie Boatwright, their children, Derek,Allison.
Carol Hunt, unmarried.
J.Q. Locklear, married Susie Locklear, no children.
Willie Sanford Locklear, married Vernon Hazel Lowery, their children,
JoAnn, Helena Raye, Danelle, Amila.
JoAnn Locklear unmarried.
Helena Raye Locklear, married ? , their children, Ellery, Amy.
Danelle Locklear unmarried.
Amila Locklear unmarried.
Johnnie Lee Locklear, married Carrie Jacobs, their children, Lynn, Lamar,
Malodee. All unmarried
dlaide Locklear, married Charles Bougham, their child, Arvis, unmaried
Cecil Bennette Locklear, married Josephine Locklear, their children, Patrisse,
Fredia,Vanessa, Cecil Jamie, Jodie.
Patrisse Locklear, married David Locklear, their children, Salene, Kimberly,
Fredia Locklear, married Arthur Jackson Spiller, their child, Guy Franklin.
Vanessa Locklear, married Frank Jones, their children, Myra, Brent Thomas.
Ceceil Jamie Locklear, unmarried.
Jodie Locklear, unmarried

Alonzo Carter,  son of David Carter and Caroline Smith, married Rodicy
Wilkins, daugther of Willington Wilkins and Teletha Lowery on December25,
1901, their children, Roy Lee, Clayton Walter, John Louis, Tom Norman,
William Jaspher, Harlin Delbert, Elisa Mae, Mary Beulah, Margie,Latha

As I add information  to these Families I will try and put them in prespective
as to what Family they are related to. You will find this information on The
Family Tree pages according to Family name. This is going to take a long
time to achieve because of lack of information and the fact that there are
hundreds of Family Memebers to be add to this Web Site. It is a work in
progress that might never be finished in my lifetime. It may have to be pasted
on to another generation to try and keep it up to date.                      Next Page
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