The Carter Family Tree
Bulletin Board
Welcome to The Carter Family Tree Bulletin Page. On this page you
will find bulletins posted letting you know what is new to the the
Website. This is a Website you have to keep on reading, because I
will be adding
new information as I get it. I will be adding
informatiom as I go, I will try and add something each week, as you
know The Carter Family does not just consist of Carter's. You have
Chavis, Hunt, Lowery, Oxendine, Wilkins, Sampson, Busch,
Cummings and Locklear,  you pick a Lumbee Indian name and you
will see what I'm talking about. I'm adding a Website
address that is all about Indian Cemeteries but I'm going to add it
here. This Website was composed "By Jane Blanks Barnhill" a
member of The William Nelson Carter Family >>> check this out, it is full
of information on Family.  
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Sorry for the inconvenience i'm still
working on the site it is a work in
progress it will never stop.
Ok people, I want to hear some input on the Website, am I
doing it right, do you like what I'm doing for the family or
what, I need to hear from you.
( Subject Carter Family
Dear family members this website has
been visited over 1700 times. I can no
longer add family members to it
because I have found all that I can.
The rest is up to you, you have visited
the website but only a few have
contributed to it. Don't you want
people to know how they are related
to you. This is a job trying to put all
this information together I need your
Mickey Carter
Family reunion time next Saturday
June 26th 2010 at Antoch Baptist
Church Noon