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Here on this page you will find a list of Family Members their birth & death
date and where they are buried if possible. These dates are as close as
possible, the dates that are not sure will have abt in front of it that means the
date is around that date.
001-Nelson Carter                                  abt-1800            abt-1842
002-Rona Smith/Carter                                                   abt-1842
003-William Nelson Carter                     abt-1834            1908
004-Hellin Revels/Carter                        abt-1837            1918
005-William James Carter                     abt-1856
006-Ruth Locklear/Carter                      abt-1858
007-Emaline Carter/Goins                      abt-1858
008-John Goins                                      abt-1857

009-David Carter                                   abt-1862

010=Amanda Jane Smith/Carter            abt-1893                    
011-Mary Aggilene Carter/Burnett        Aug. 10, 1918
012-Marvin Burnett                               
013-Carlie Burnett                                April 14, 1937
014-Hellen Chavis/Burnett
015-Bobby Burnett                                 Dec. 3, 1938
016-Evelyn Godwin/Burnett
017-Michael Burnett                              May 29, 1971
018-Jeffery Burnett                              
019-Ronnie Burnett
020-Billy Burnett                                   Aug. 28, 1940
021-Mary Kate Jones/Burnett
022-Majorie Burnett/Digiovine               April 10, 1945
023-William Oaul Digiovine
024-Vincent Paul Digiovine                    Jan. 18, 1975
025-Eddie Burnett                                  April 10, 1945
026-Rachel Locklear/Burnett
027-Nathaniel Burnett                            Mar. 7, 1972
028-Jonathan Burnett                            June 30, 1973
029-Malcom Carter                                abt-1862
030-Sarah Elisa Carter                           abt-1864
031-Ada Carter                                      abt-1886
032-John Carter                                    abt-1888
033-Martin G. Carter                             abt-1891
034-Marilda Carter                                abt-1893
035-Judson Carter                                 abt-1895
036-Sarah F. Carter                               abt-1897
037-Dollie Carter                                   abt-1899
038-Norah Carter                                   abt-1893
039-Jerry W. Carter
040-Rosella Carter/Locklear                  abt-1871
041-Benjamin C. Locklear                     Mar. 4, 1896
042-Queen Carter                                  abt-1875
043-Doctor Carter                                  abt-1876
044-Mary Goins/Carter                          abt-1871
045-Kelly Carter                                                              Died as Child
046-Kally Carter                                                              Died as Child
047-Blumy A. Carter
048-Roosevelt Carter
049-Ella Mae Carter
050-Pearlie Carter/Hammonds
051-John Bunyan Hammonds
052-Josephine Hammonds/Hunt
053-June Hunt
054-Earl Ray Hunt
055-Ella Mae Jacobs/Hunt
056-Evelyn Hunt
057-Susan Hunt
058-Earl Dean Hunt
059-Edward Ray Hunt
060-Bonnie Mae Hunt/Herman
061-George Herman
062-Linda Herman/Cooper
063-Chuckie Cooper
064-John Herman
065-Cathy ? Herman
066-Shannon Herman
067-John Derrick Herman
068-Paul Herman
069-Carrie ? Herman
070-Josh Herman
071-Elizabeth Hunt/Griffith
072-William Griffith
073-Sarah Griffith
074-Joshetta Griffith
075-William Griffith Jr.
076-Beth Sanderson/Griffith
077-Whitney Dinaell Griffith
078-Sandra Griffith/Hunt
079-Ronald Ray Hunt
080-Sadie Rae Hammonds/Hunt
081-Vardell Hunt
082-Stafford Hunt
083-Barbara ? Hunt
084-Clayton Hunt
085-Faye ? Hunt
086-Jackie Hunt
087-Henry Lee Hunt
088-Donald Ray Hunt
089-Sharon Kay Hunt
090-Christopher Hunt
091-Harold Hunt
092-Judy Quinton/Hunt
093-Joel Hunt
094-Johnny Hunt
095-JoAnne Shoe/Hunt
096-Marion Hunt
097-Teresa A. Fields/Hunt
098-Merie Lynn Hunt
099-Lee Glaydas Hammonds
100-Stella Wearns/Hammonds
101-Harold Hammonds
102-Marold Hammonds
103-Pearlie Joyce Hammonds
104-Lee Martin Hammonds
105-Jackie Hammonds
106-Hilda Gard Hammonds
107-Deanie Hammonds
108-Frankie Hammonds
109-Charles Hammonds
110-Alinee Hammonds/Bullard
111-Henry Bullard
112-Roger Dale Bullard
113-Delbert Bullard
114-Leon Bullard
115-Earl Ray Bullard
116-Gene Bullard
117-Richard Hammonds
118-Gearline Hammonds/Lowery
119-Price Lowery
120-James C. Lowery
121-Barbara Rose Lowery
122-Jamie Lowery
123=Pamela Lowery
124-Denita Lowery
125-Liddy Lowery/Roller
126-Lonnie Roller
127-Sharon Roller
128-David Roller
129-Ronald Lowery
130-Francis Locklear/Lowery
131-Wanda Lowery
132-Reenea Lowery
133-Jennifer Lowery
134-Wanda Lowery/Barton
135-Harold Barton
136-Harold Barton Jr.
137-Shan Barton
138-Virl Lowery
139-Betty Brooks/Lowery
140-Shad Lowery
141-Virgil Lowery
142-Debbie Faulk/Lowery
143-Dena Lowery
144-Venicia Lowery
145-Stephen Lowery
146-Vicky Lenora Hammonds/Lowery
147-Katrina Lowery
148-Patrick Lowery
149-Ernest Hammonds
150-Christine Johnson/Hammonds
151-Earny Dean Hammonds
152-Wanda Ree Cummings/Hammonds
153-Miriam Hammonds
154-Isreal Hammonds
155-Dwayne Hammonds
156-Linda Faye Fields/Hammonds
157-Victoria Hammonds
158-Rebecca Hammonds
159-Doylena Hammonds
160-Kelly Hammonds
161-Burnice Hammonds/Stevens
162-Steve Stevens
163-Hellen Ann Stevens
164-David Stevens
165-Ricky Stevens
166-Carrie Lee Stevens
167-Raymond Stevens
168-Ronnie Stevens
169-Scottie Phineas Stevens
170-Francene Stevens Richard Stevens
171-Ruby Pearl Hammonds/Blodgett
172-Elvin Blodgett
173-Linda Blodgett/Fink
174-Earl Fink
175-Jamie Fink
176-Jasie Fink
177-Shannon Fink
178-Jeremy Fink
179-Terry Blodgett
180-Janice Blodgett/Dains
181-William Dains
182-Dawn M. Dains
183-Jeanett Blodgett
184-JoAnn Blodgett
185-Teresa Blodgett
186-Patty Blodgett
187-Darcip Blodgett
188-Mark K. Blodgett
189-Ramona Mae Hammonds/Scott
190-Clayton Scott
191-Teddy M. Scott
192-Arnold Scott
193-Cynthia Scott
194-Glenn Scott
195-Burnard Hammonds
196-Vicie Carter/Hammonds
197-John Frank Hammonds
198-Lenora Hammonds
199-Earl Franklin Hammonds
200-Christine Johnson (adopted)
201-Arrony Carter                                 abt-1877
202-Elmira Carter                                  abt-1879
203-Ashberry Carter                              abt-1880
204-Sarah Godwin/Carter
205-Freeman Carter
206-Ella Locklear/Carter
207-Vivian Faye Carter/Locklear
208-Carlie Locklear
209-Farlin Locklear
210-Billy Locklear
211-Sarah Faye Locklear
212-Dale Locklear
213-Carlie Locklear Jr.
214-Leon Carter
215-Linda Bell/Carter
216-Adrian Carter
217-Valarie Jane Carter
218-Kim Dwayne Carter
219-Jackie Bell/Carter
220-Shandie Carter
221-Bonnie Raye Carter/Smith
222-Lloyd Smith
223-Saline Faye Smith
224-Lorria Ann Smith
225-Amos Lee Smith
226-Jacob Smith
227-Kelly Diane Smith
228-Myrtle Rose Carter/Locklear
229-Richard Locklear
230-Zonnie Locklear
231-Shanna Renea Locklear
232-Kimberly Locklear
233-Kania Renea Locklear
234-Pandora Carter/Chavis
235-Abner Chavis
236-James Lynn Chavis
237-Sylvia Gale Carter/Dial
238-Agusta Dial
239-Heath Lynn Dial
240-Billie Joe Dial
241-Marcella Glenn Dial
242-Cynthia Dale Carter/Chavis
243-Bennie Ray Chavis
244-Brenda Ray Chavis
245-Clayton Chavis
246-Freeman Carter Jr.
247-Carol ? /Carter
248-Ginger Rose Carter
249-David Carter
250-Fronnie Carter/Chavis
251-Henry K. Chavis
252-Sadie Chavis/Bell
253-John Pierce Bell
254-Sharon Bell
255-Lizzie Hammonds/Carter
256-Dorathy Carter/Hammonds
257-James Walter Hammonds
258-Malby Jane Hammonds/Yancheski/
259-Arnold Yancheski
260-Joseph Yancheski
261-Gloria Yancheski
262-Ted Solomon
263-Tommy Solomon
264-Donald Solomon
265-Violet Rose Hammonds/Kline
266-Garnette Kline
267-Vicky Kline
266-Kathy Kline
267-Henneth Kline
268-Jimmy Kline
269-Elmer Hammonds
270-Cindt Fox/Hammonds
271-Christy Hammonds
272-Mary Patricia Hammonds/Flowers
273-Gearl Flowers
274-Jerry Flowers
275-Debra Ann Flowers
276-Tommy Lynn Flowers
277-Danny Howard Flowers
278-Terry Denice Flowers
279-Farris Flowers
280-Stephanie Flowers
281-James Walter Hammonds Jr.
282-Vivian Oxendine/Hammonds
283-Jimmy Hammonds
284-Sherrie Hammonds
285-Danny Hammonds
286-Timothy Hammonds
287-Domanna Hammonds
288-Resa Beal Locklear/Hammonds
289-Shirly Hammonds
290-Ruthie Carter
291-Annie May Carter                                                     Died as Child                 
292-David Carter                                   abt-1836             abt1892
Caroline Smith/Carter                           abt-1838             1920
Margaret Carter/Godwin                        1854                  Dec. 29, 1914
Miles Henry Godwin                              Mar. 18, 1848     Sept. 9, 1909
Josephine Godwin/Smith                        July 31, 1873     Sept. 30 1964
James Haywood Smith
Andrew Smith
Allen Smith
Rowland Smith
James B. Smith
Freanch Smith
Sallie Jane Smith/Chavis
Bunion Chavis                                       1885
Magdline Chavis/Canady
Halmon Canady                                     April 9, 1909      Nov. 5, 1959
Olivia Jane Canady
George Chavis
Jessie Mae Locklear/Chavis
Barbara Ann Chavis
Carol Chavis
Linda Chavis
Glayds Chavis/Locklear
John Locklear
Betty Sue Locklear/Jones
Robert Jones
JerryJones                                            April 23, 1950
Gloria Locklear/Jones
Charles Robert Jones
Warren Fredrick Jones                         Aug. 2, 1952
Mariline Carter/Jones
Chad Lee Jones
Cynthia Avis Jones                                Sept. 1, 1956
Paula Suzette Jones                               April 7, 1961
Eric Scott Jones
John Edward Locklear
Pasty Ann Locklear
Bobby Ray Locklear
Ronald Locklear
James Earl Chavis
Clatie Emanuel/Chavis
Betty Joyce Chavis
Mary Caroline Smith
Lula Smith
Eliza Smith
Gathie Smith/Thomas
Luther Covington Thomas
Ira Lee Thomas/Lowery
Harold Lowery
Kenneth Ray Lowery
Sherry Lynn Lowery
Pamela Lowery
Orlean Lowery
Geneva Thomas/Locklear
John D. Locklear
Donald Locklear
Sandy Locklear
Judith Locklear
Carol Locklear
Kathy Locklear
Benive Locklear
Helen Thomas
Joel Thomas
Joel Keith Thomas
Beck Thomas
Sheila Thomas
Jesse Bell Smith
Annaliza (Annie) Godwin/Hammonds     April 18, 1875
William H. Hammonds
Vernie Mae Hommonds/Chavis
Evander Chavis
Girlie Hammonds/Thomason
Steven Thomason
Mary Lisa Hammonds/Blanks
Hector Blanks
Vergie Hammonds/Burnette
James Burnette
Bertha Hammonds/Jones                       Aug. 26, 1898
Hardy Jones
John Willis Jones
Maggie Jones
George Hardy Jones                               Sept. 25, 1921
Ila Oxendine/Jones
Greg B. Jones                                        Sept. 15, 1950
Dorothy Jones/Revels                            Mar. 1926
James Earl Revels Jr.
Lora Gail Revels                                    Aug. 11, 1949
Regina Ann Revels                                Jan. 13, 1951
James Earl Revels III                            April 29, 1952
Harry Jeffrey Revels                             Jan. 16, 1954
Joseph Anthony Revels                         Jan. 14, 1961
Jonathan Blake Revels                          Jan. 14, 1967
Ervin Jones                                           Oct. 18, 1927
Grace Harris/Jones
James Ervin Jones                                 Feb. 17, 1956
Jackie Jones                                         Oct. 19, 1957
Billy Jones                                             Feb. 27, 1959
Bobby Dean Jones                                  Dec. 17, 1961
Henry Poxton Hammonds
Rosanna Bowen/Hammonds
Stella Hammonds/Bonette
Lester Bonette
Miles Hartman Hammonds                    Dec. 7, 1903
Eunice Hammonds
Douglas Hammonds
Doris Hammonds
Miles Judson Hammonds
Ernestine Hammonds
Harry Hammonds
Fodie Hammonds
George Hammonds
Betty ? /Hammonds
James H. Hammonds
Lena Locklear/Hammonds
Jessie Belle Hammonds/Smith
John Henry Smith
Andrew Jackson Godwin                        Dec. 14, 1877
Almina Chavis Godwin
Lula Godwin                                          Dec. 16, 1878
Seymore Godwin                                   Nov. 12, 1879
William Henry Godwin                          Mar. 22, 1882
Sally Jane Godwin/Jones                        Jan. 2, 1884
Henry J. Jones
Margaret Caroline Godwin/Rollins          Sept. 7, 1885
Charles David Rollins
George Kinsey
Golden L. Godwin                                  Aug. 2, 1887
Corretta Godwin/Causseaux                   Aug. 9, 1889
William Worth Causseaux
Mary Jane Godwin                                 Aug. 15, 1891
Milishia Godwin/Glover                          Jan. 26, 1893
Tolbert E. Glover
Virginia Lee Godwin/Branch                  Mar. 29, 1896
William W. Branch
Johnnie Godwin                                     1900

Serenah Carter                                      Mar. 4, 1859
Nelson Carter                                        1861
Isabella Carter                                      1863                   1948
Alvin Carter                                          1868
Floyd L. Carter                                      1870
Daniel Carter                                        June 13, 1871
Alonzo Carter                                        1876
William H. Carter                                  1878
Fannie Carter                                        1879
Name                                                         Birth              Death                           Cemetery