HELLO, My name is Mickey Carter, I am a member of the Floyd Carter
Family. Floyd Carter was my Great Grandfather. Welcome to The Carter
Family Tree Web Site. This Web Site is for Lumbee Indian Descendants.
Although the site is under construction at this time, feel free to look it over.
The Web Site changes from time to time as I add new information to it.
Check back from time to time to see if there is any new entries that might  
pertain to your Family. If you have any questions or suggestions that might
help me in building this Web Site feel free to email me at this email address.
( subject Carter Family ). Or you may call   
910-583-3067 )
This Web Site will get better as it grows. The more information you send me
to put on it the better it will get. The Web Site appearance will change as I
add information and build it. There will be a page on the History of the
Carter Family, a page on Family Tree, a page for Family Pictures, a page for
Names/ Addresses/Email Addresses,  Phone Numbers, Events and a
GuestBook and other things of interest. Share your History on these pages, so
your family can find you. I need information on the younger generation and
the older generation. This is a work in progress and may never end because of
the lack of information, information that will soon be lost forever if it is not
past on and recorded. There are hundreds of members in this Family that
may not get listed unless you have information to share. Look in your parents
old picture boxes, old letter boxes, your grandparents old belongings you
would be surprised at what you would find stored in these boxes that you
might think are not important to anyone. So in your spare time dig in these
boxes and see what you can find, you might find something that no one in the
Family ever knew. Help us to preserve our Family History by helping me
record this Family History. Thank you for visiting The Carter Family Web
Site, This Web Site is maintained by Mickey Carter, any questions pertaining
to this Web Site should be directed to him at the email address above. If you
see your Family name, left click on it and you will go to that page. Thanks
again for visiting the Web Site. Mickey Carter
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This Web Site is maintained by Mickey Carter, I have done my best to make sure that all information is correct, but people
do make mistakes, if I have I am sorry. You are welcome to correct me if I am. Email me at (
) or call 910-583-3067
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