The Locklear Family
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Much attention has been given to the Locklear's. It was a very difficult task trying to
seperate them and place our family in proper perspective.
The earliest beginning that Grady Locklear found was 1819. This was the date Daniel
Locklear was born. His wife Hilary Locklear was born 1824. She was the sister of
Joseph Locklear, commomly known as "Big Joe" (See Joseph Locklesr later in this
According to the census of 1780 there were only nine Locklear families listed. There
were a total of 55 in all. The names listed were: Randall Locklear, 10 members in the
family, John Locklear 1 member, John Locklear 2 members, Joseph Locklear 6
members, Jacob Locklear 6 members, Robert Locklear 9 members, William Locklear 11
members, Malcom Locklear 6 members, Samuel Locklear 1 member.
It would be next to impossible to determine who the Daniel Locklear family evolved
from using the census  information, but one can determine that Susan Locklear's
Grandfather Randall Locklear was listed. All the Locklear's related to this family are
not listed, but I Mickey Carter will do my best to list as many as I can. I have already
found some that I will list as I go along. For verious reasons Grady Locklear received no
response from some family members. Also Angus Locklear's brothers and sisters were
impossible to trace.
The following information will give a partial view of people from the past and present
who have contributed to the development of Robeson County. Many of the persons listed
have made outstanding contributions in the field Religion, Education, and many other
areas of personal services.
Angus Locklear was the first of a long line of contributors to Religion. He will be listed
also under Religion.
Another area this family took pride in was the land. They were and still are engaged in
farming. As a result of this interest in Mother Earth, they acquired large land holdings
in Robeson County. They did little for themselves, but made great sacrifices so their
children could possess a home of their own.
Angus Locklear's children bought most of their land from monies earned in Georgia,
Flordia, and Alabama. It is interesting to note that the lands of the brothers and sisters
joined each other.
They appeared to be a close knit group of brothers. This is probably because of the
christain concepts taught to them by their father, Angus Locklear.
The story is told that J.D. Locklear took a year off from farming to cut a ditch through
his brothers property. While he attended this chore, his brothers took care of his farming
operation. The greater portion of this ditch is still functional today. The ditch ran for
over a mile in length.
Today it would be difficult to fine that spirit of cooperation among people. Most of us
would rather tend to our own affairsThere appeared to be litle jealousy among these
brothers. Can we say the same thing today? The families of Angus  will not be listed
necessarly according to age. I am going to do my best to list as many members of this
family as I can.