Family Tree 2
Page 22
(1st marriage) Alonzo Carter, married Rhachell (Rodicy) Wilkins December
25, 1901, their children, Roy Lee, Clayton Walter, John Louis, Tom Norman,
William Jasper, Harlie Delbert, Elsie Mae, Mary Beulah, Margie Ann, and
Letha Dell.
Roy Lee Carter, married Beatrice Simmons, their children, Floyd Lee, Percy
Alonzo, Fairley Keith, Gary Clifton, Donald Rossi, Glenn Dale, and James
Floyd Lee Carter, married Annie Elizabeth Brewington, their children,
Darrell Patrick, and Edward Earl.
(2nd marriage)
Alonzo Carter, married O. D. Locklear April 12, 1924, their
child, James Edsel
Alonzo Carter and Rodicy Wilkins Family