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Family Tree
(1st marriage) Ashberry Carter. married
Sarah Godwin March 15, 1908, their children, Freeman, David, Fronnie.

Freeman Carter, married Ella Locklear, their children,
Vivian Faye, Leon, Bonnie Raye, Myrtle Rose, Pandora, Sylvia Gale and
Cynthia Dale (twins) and Freeman Jr.
Vivian Faye Carter, married Carlie Locklear, their children, Farlin,
Billy, Sarah Faye, Dale, Carlie Jr.

(1st marriage) Leon Carter, married Linda Bell, their children,
Adrian, Valarie Jane, Kim Dwayne.

(2nd marriage) Leon Carter, married Jackie Bell, their child,

Bonnie Faye Carter, married Lloyd Smith, their children Saline Faye,
Lorria Ann, Amos Lee, Jacob, Kelly Diane

Myrtle Rose Carter, married Richard Locklear, their children,
Zonnie, Kimberly.
Zonnie Locklear has a child named Shanna Renea.
Kimberly Locklear has a child named Kania Renea.

Pandora Carter, married Abner Chavis, their child, James Lynn.

Sylvia Gale Carter, married Agusta Dial, their children, Heath Lynn,
Billie Joe, Marcella Glenn.

Cynthia Dale Carter, married Bennie Ray Chavis, their children,
Brenda Ray, Clayton.

Freeman Carter Jr., married Carol ? , theri child, Ginger Rose.

Fronnie Carter, married Henry K. Chavis, their child, Sadie.
Sadie Chavis, married John Pierce Bell, their child, Sharon.

(2nd marriage)Ashberry Carter, married
Lizzie Hammonds November 24, 1918, their children, Dorathy, Ruthie, Annie
May (died as a child).

Dorathy Carter, married James Walter Hammonds, their
children, Malby Jane, Violet Rose, Elmer, Mary Patricia, James Walter Jr.,

(1st marriage) Malby Jane Hammonds, married Arnold
Yancheski, their children, Joseph, Gloria.

(2nd marriage) Malby Jane Hammonds, married Ted Solomon,
their children, Tommy, Donald.

Violet Rose Hammonds, married Garnette Kline, their children,
Vicky, Kathy, Henneth, Jimmy.

Elmer Hammonds, married Cindy Fox, their child, Christy.

Mary Patricia Hammonds, married Gearl Flowers, their children,
Jerry, Debra Ann, Tommy Lynn,Danny Howard, Terry Denice,

(1st marriage) James Walter Hammonds Jr., married Vivian
Oxendine, their children, Jimmy, Sherrie, Danny, Timothy,Domanna.

(2nd marriage) James Walter Hammonds Jr., married Resa
Beel Locklear. This is all I have at this time on the Ashberry Carter Family.
Ashberry Carter Family