Family Tree
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Doctor Carter, married Mary Goins Jan. 9, 1897,
their children, Kelly and Kally (Twins), Blumy A., Roosevelt, Ella Mae,
Pearlie, Vicic.
Kelly Carter, Died as a child.
Kally Carter, Died as a child.
Blumy A. Carter,
Roosevelt Carter,
Ella Mae Carter,
Pearlie Carter, married John Bunyan Hammonds, their
children, Josephine, Sadie Rae, Lee Glaydas, Alinee and Gearline (Twins),
Ernest and Burnice (Twins), Ruby Pearl, Ramona Mae, Burnard.

Josephine Hammonds, married June Hunt, their children, Earl Ray,
Bonnie Mae, Elizabeth.

Earl Ray Hunt, married Ella Mae Jacobs, their children, Evelyn, Susan, Earl
Dean, Edward Ray.

Bonnie Mae Hunt, married George Herman, their children, Linda, John,
Linda Herman, married Chuck Cooper, their child, Chuckie.
John Herman, married Cathy ? , their children, Shannon, John Derrick.
Paul Herman, married Carrie ? , their child, Josh.

Elizabeth Hunt, married William Griffith, their children, Sarah, Joshetta,
William Jr., Sandra.
Sandra Griffith, married Ronald Ray Hunt.
William Griffith Jr., married Beth Sanderson, their child, Whitney Dinaell.

Sadie Rae Hammonds, married Vardell Hunt, their children, Stafford,
Clayton, Jackie, Harold, Johnny, Marion.
Stafford Hunt, married Barbara ?
Clayton Hunt, married Faye ?
Jackie Hunt, married Henry Lee Hunt, their children, Donald Ray, Sharon
Kay, Christopher.
Harold Hunt, married Judy Quinton, their child Joel.
Johnny Hunt, married JoAnne Shoe, their child, Derrick.
Marion Hunt, married Teresa A. Fields, their child Merle Lynn.

Lee Glaydas Hammonds, married Stella Wearns, their children,
Harold, Marold, Pearlie Joyce, Lee Martin, Jackie, Hilda Gard, Deanie,
Frankie, Charles.

Alieen Hammonds, married Henry Bullard, their children, Roger Dale,
Delbert, Leon, and Richard Hammonds (her Nephew) Earl Ray and Gene
(twins given away).

Gearline Hammonds, married Price Lowery, their children, James C.,
Libby, Ronald, Wanda, Virl, Stephen.

James C. Lowery, married Barbara Rose Lowery, their children, Jamie,
Pamela, Denita.

Libby Lowery, married Lonnie Roller, their children, Sharon, David.

Ronald Lowery, married Francis Locklear, their children, Wanda, Reenea,

Wanda Lowery, married Harold Barton, their  children, Harold Jr. Shan.

(1st marriage)
Virl Lowery, married Betty Brooks, their children,Shad, Virgil.
(2nd marriage)
Virl Lowery, married Debbie Faulk, their children, Dena,

Stephen Lowery, married Vicky Lenora Hammonds, Katrina, Patrick.

Ernest Hammonds, married Christine Johnson, their children, Earney
Dean, Dwayne, Vicky Lenora, Doylena, Kelly.
Earney Dean Hammonds, married Wanda Ree Cummings, their children,
Miriam Isreal.
Dwyane Hammonds, married Linda Faye Fields, their children, Victoria,
Vicky Lenora Hammonds, married Stephen Lowery, their children, Katrina,

Burnice Hammonds, married Steve Stevens, their children, Hellen
Ann, David, Ricky, Carrie Lee, Raymond, Ronnie, Scottie Phineas, Francene,

Ruby Pearl Hammonds, married Elvin Blodgett, their children,
Linda, Terry, Janice and Jeanett (twins), JoAnn, Teresa, Patty, Darcip, Mark
K., Don K.
Linda Blodgett, married Earl Fink, their children, Jamie, Jasie, Shannon,
Janice Blodgett, married Williams Dains, their child, Dawn M.
Ramona Mae Hammonds, married Clayton Scott, their children,
Teddy M., Arnold, Cynthia, Glenn.

Vicic Carter, married John Frank Hammonds, their children,
Lenora, Earl Franklin, died as babies, Christine Johnson (adopted).
This is all the information I have on the Doctor Carter Family.