Family Tree
Welcome to The Carter Family Tree page. On this page you will find the
names of family members by family name. There will be less information on
some pages until information is found to fill it in. Some of the pages only
have husband and wife and some have single family members until
information is found. Some belong to more than one family so if you do, say
that in your email. Name each family you are in and I will make sure it gets
posted in the right files. Let's not forget that we are Lumbee Indian and we
have family throughout the tribe so let's try and get all the information we
can on here. If you have any information dating any earlier than the year
1800 please share this information with your family and send emails to       
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Nelson Carter Death abt 1842 Married Rona Smith August 8, 1832, their children.
William Nelson Carter Born abt 1834
David Carter Born abt 1836
Nelson Carter and Rona Smith Carter Family